How IssueTrail works

IssueTrail is a prominent, web-based project management solution utilized by associations all over the globe. IssueTrail is an excellent method to bring individuals, project managers, and clients together in one complete and unified application. IssueTrail can be utilized to track document downloads, messages, and feedback, and view due dates for both errands and achievements.

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On IssueTrail, project managers and developers coordinate, track, and update their work in one place, so projects stay transparent and on schedule.


Every feature in IssueTrail

Inside each group or task you can empower/debilitate any of the following devices: To-dos, Message Board, Campfire, Schedule, Docs & Files, Automatic Check-Ins, Email Forwards.

To-do Lists

Create to-do lists for all the work you need to do, assign tasks, and set due dates. IssueTrail will follow up on overdue tasks for you.

  • assign to-dos to at least one individual
  • assign and Re-allot
  • appointing needs
  • tracking tasks
  • include notes and file attachments
  • remark straightforwardly on errands and records
  • see what's past due or due soon
  • see every one of the undertakings doled out to somebody
  • see what's been finished today
  • see what's coming up
  • an ace plan for the day that is included every one of the undertakings' daily agendas

Message Boards

The message board in Issuetrail is one of two apparatuses which are explicitly intended to cultivate inside correspondence, however, the message board is the more formal of the two, intended to pull together discussions about a solitary subject and to eliminate messages.

  • sharing announcements
  • customize with your own post types
  • embed pictures or documents into your
  • share with everybody or select people
  • attach documents, statements, and code tests
  • comment straightforwardly on individual answers
  • search your discussion history
  • mention individuals to stand out enough to be noticed
  • ask questions day by day, week by week, or month to month


The schedule does precisely what its name recommends. Taking advantage of the project and task list information that you've added to the framework, it will refresh itself continuously to demonstrate you the achievements, due dates and all the more so you realize what you're chipping away at and when it should be finished.

  • automatic Check-Ins
  • meetings
  • tracking progress
  • deadlines and achievements
  • subscribe with Google Calendar/iCal/Outlook
  • discuss events on their own
  • add occasions with dates, times, and date ranges

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Documents & File Storage

Disregard Dropbox. Issuetrail incorporates a stunning archive stockpiling framework that encourages you to sort out the majority of the records that you have to complete the work. Each project incorporates a space to share files, documents, and pictures.

  • interface Google Docs and assess them in IssueTrail
  • direct and disentangled exchange
  • each document incorporates a total version history
  • reorder and color code records to keep things clean

Real-time Group Chat

In the event that the message board is what might be compared to a sit-down meeting, then campfires are like assembling around the water cooler. This group chat functionality is built in at the center of every Issuetrail and is intended for snappy correspondence, with no complaints, offering a progressive fleeting option in contrast to the more formal message sheets.

  • append records, statements, and code tests
  • play around with sounds, video, and emoticon
  • each project incorporates its very own talk room
  • @mention individuals to stand out enough to be noticed

Check-in Questions

Check-ins let you ask your group inquiries all the time, with every one of the answers moved up in one simple process string.

  • pose inquiries day by day, week by week, or month to month
  • remark legitimately on individual answers
  • ask the entire group or specific individuals
  • pick the time of day you need to inquire

Client Access

In addition to collaborators, Client access is required in certain ventures. Providing specific access to specific clients can be done with IssueTrail.

  • share to-dos, messages and more with clients
  • everything is private until you share
  • zero learning curve for clients
  • forward customer messages directly into IssueTrail

Hill Charts

Need to dissect whether the project is on track? Is the project going to be done on schedule? Are individuals stuck? Utilize IssueTrail's selective Hill Charts to see where projects truly stand.

  • see progress over time with history snapshots
  • eliminate the requirement for every day stand-ups
  • each update can be explained
  • react to updates with remarks or Boosts

Direct Messages (Pings)

Need a private talk with a partner? Pings let you talk persistently with anyone on the proportionate IssueTrail account.

  • have private individual or little group discussions
  • mess around with sounds, video, and emoticon!
  • look through your discussion history
  • append records, statements, and code tests

Email Forwards

Need to send a received message to other or newly added collaborators or Need to send old task details to new collaborators, IssueTrail always have a solution for this.

  • react to the sender when you're prepared
  • future reactions will arrive legitimately in IssueTrail
  • each project incorporates a special forward location
  • discuss forwarded messages privately


A helpful apparatus to deal with the information satisfactorily. It will permit the collaborators and supervisors to see the overview of the project.

  • see what's past due or due soon
  • see what's coming up
  • see every one of the errands relegated to somebody
  • see what's been finished today


In a bustling record, it's smarter to kill your email warnings and utilize the Hey! Menu to perceive what's happening. Get up to speed with what's going on without juggling applications. The Hey! Menu is your one-stop search for preparing new discussions, assignments, remarks, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

  • alternatively, get informed by email
  • @mention anybody to send them a notice
  • briefly debilitate notices
  • set the hours that you can be informed inside


A Tool which will allow searching anything from anywhere within your project.

  • seek by keyword or individual
  • seek all over or one explicit IssueTrail
  • look through your Ping history
  • scan for pictures and documents as they were