Notifications Using IssueTrail

You can generally check IssueTrail interface to check whether there are new updates to peruse. Be that as it may, you might not have any desire to check IssueTrail all the time to search for something new. That is the reason IssueTrail sends notifications to reveal to you something occurred.

  • You can pick which projects to pursue and be told about – Follow projects you’d like to be informed about
  • Unfollow any project/group you needn’t bother with Notifications about
  • You can get Notifications by means of Email, Pop ups in your browser, On your telephone or tablet
  • You can pick what kind of notifications to get – Everything (messages, remarks, to-do assignments, occasions, and so forth.) or Only Pings and @mentions
  • Work Can Wait – Get Notifications at extremely all times or Only get notifications amid work hours with Work Can Wait
  • Email Notifications – We wrap up notifications that occur in around 5 minutes of each other, to keep your inbox quiet.
  • Program Notifications – Browser notifications spring up when IssueTrail is open in a tab on your PC’s program. In the event that the case is checked, however despite everything, you aren’t getting Notifications, check your program inclinations to ensure that they take into consideration for IssueTrail.

IssueTrail tells your group when something is presented on a project. Here’s the secret!

IssueTrail will send a notification when:

Notifications Using IssueTrail

Notifications Using IssueTrail

  • You’re welcome to join a project or calendar
  • You have been allocated a to-do task by another user
  • Your doled out project is given a due date and when that due date is changed
  • The day preceding a project appointed to you is expected
  • Someone finishes a to-do you made except if you quit
  • When you’re incorporated on a message, occasion, remark or record Notification

Notifications for exchanges and remarks

  • Who gets a Notification: When you make another exchange, you choose who will get an email notification about it.
  • Follow-up remarks: IssueTrail will send Notifications about new remarks to similar individuals who got the first message.
  • Check who was informed about a remark on the Catch-Up page
  • Opt out of notifications: Reduce the flood of Notification messages by quitting. Turn off an entire project on your IssueTrail Settings page. Opt out of specific messages utilizing the connection inside the Notification email.

The Hey! Menu:

Make up for lost time with what’s happening without juggling applications. The Hey! Menu is your one-stop search for preparing new discussions, tasks, remarks, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

  • Alternatively, get advised by email
  • Incidentally, incapacitate Notifications
  • Set the hours that you can be advised inside
  • @mention anybody to send them a Notification

Everything or just pings and @mentions

Everything incorporates new messages, remarks, Pings, to-do assignments, new occasions on the calendar, and automated check-ins. Pick Only Pings and @mentions on the off chance that you like to check IssueTrail physically for new things, yet at the same time need to be informed on the off chance that someone explicitly contacts you.

Work Can Wait

Work Can Wait keeps notifications from irritating your night-time. Set your hours and pick the days that IssueTrail is permitted to inform you.

On the off chance that you’d like, IssueTrail will send you a get up to speed email or message pop-up on anything you missed while you were far from work. Simply click the checkbox when you set your Work Can Wait hours.

I’m not getting My Notifications:

On the off chance that you didn’t receive email Notifications for a project, there are a couple of spots you can check.

  • Check your settings in your “Me” page and ensure you’ve denoted that project to send you an email.
  • Check the message or remark and ensure your group has included you for Notification.
  • Check your spam envelope. On the off chance that IssueTrail has been sending you a great deal of email, it may have set off a channel.
  • Utilize our Email check to ensure you’re getting an email from IssueTrail.
  • When in doubt, send us a ticket and let us know which Notification you didn’t get.